SUM-IT! Workshop: Spatial service design – Presented by Hannu Tuomisaari, City of Espoo

SUM-IT! Workshop: Spatial service design – Presented by Hannu Tuomisaari, City of Espoo, at the Creative Ring Sum-It, on October 23, at Designhuis in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Hannu Tuomisaari and Veera Vihula are the workshop leaders.

In this workshop, you will be offered the Make with Espoo toolkit developed to invite citizens, associations and enterprises to co-creation of and open participation in solutions to wicked urban challenges. The workshop uses as an example the ”service centre” concept that merges everyday city life with a number of public services in a shopping mall. You will be informed about the background of the toolbox and a hands-on exercise is arranged to let you familiarise yourself with the actual tools. You will go home with a set of conceptual and practical tools, and a commitment by the City of Espoo to engage in further dialogue with interested participants.

In Espoo, the Make with Espoo toolkit has been developed under the 6Aika programme based on the learnings of Espoo re-defining their public service offering.

The insights are widely applicable for any set of services towards any given target audience.

What drives you?
Possibility of innovations

What emerging technologies/trends do you see as having the greatest potential in the short and long run?
Short: Internet communication
long: trust technologies, material technologies

What kind of impact do you expect them to have?
short: Interaction and collaboration increases
long: interaction and co-creation increases; circulation of materials will break through

What are the barriers that might stand in the way?
Political prejudice and ambition; inertia of incumbent technologies

What do you hope people to learn from your presentation?
Co-creation is about people interacting; little to do with technologies

About City of Espoo
Espoo is the second largest city in Finland and the Intelligent Community of the world 2018.
Espoo is a network city comprising five city centres. The City of Espoo is a responsible and humane pioneer. Espoo is a good place for everybody to live, learn and work and be an entrepreneur. In Espoo, residents can truly have an influence. Active involvement of residents in the development of our services and our comprehensive co-operation with partners ensure that the development in Espoo is economically, ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable.

About Creative Ring Sum-It!
In October 2018, during Dutch Design Week, Creative Ring organizes its first international Sum-It!

A one of a kind event, where creative communities find the tools to shape tomorrow’s urban narratives.

Sum-It! takes you beyond inspiration-by-example and provides you with actionable tools, ready to be implemented in your daily practice.

A must-attend for smart-city stakeholders & policy makers, digital innovators, community- and ecosystem builders, public libraries, grassroots initiatives.

The main event takes place on Tuesday 23 October, with a prelude on Monday 22 October and a business tour on Wednesday 24 October.

Sum-It! is a collaboration between Creative Ring, Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven and other relevant partners.


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